Responding to the climate crisis

The Bartlett Climate Change Taskforce was set up at the start of 2020 by Professor Christoph Lindner, Dean of The Bartlett, in response to the climate crisis.  

The Taskforce, chaired by Dr Catalina Turcu and Professor Aeli Roberts, aims to build an understanding of climate-relevant work across The Bartlett’s 12 schools and departments, collating research and teaching, and creating recommendations on how The Bartlett can tackle the climate crisis. “The climate crisis tends to exacerbate existing inqualities, and create new ones,” says Dr Turcu.

The team are now beginning to shape and frame their recommendations.

Catalina Turca_Climate Change task force
Dr Catalina Turcu

Co-chair of The Bartlett Climate Change Taskforce, and Associate Professor, The Bartlett School of Planning

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