Welcome to the 2020 Bartlett Annual Review, a collection of highlights, insights and impact from The Bartlett Faculty of the Built Environment at UCL.

As one of the oldest but most radical faculties of its kind, The Bartlett has built a reputation for education and research that draws students and academics from across the world.

Our work is all about human spaces, understanding and influencing how and why they are structured in locations worldwide. This includes physical structures like houses, buildings, and cities, as well as invisible governing structures like political and legal systems, financial frameworks, and social and cultural norms. 

Gordon St 2
student in workshop

Students at work at one of The Bartlett's workshop spaces.

Individually, our departments lead their fields – from architecture and planning to energy and development in the global south. Together, they represent a world-leading, multidisciplinary faculty, united by the radical spirit of UCL. With a wealth of resources, partners and history on our doorstep in London, we are able to learn about the built environment in ways that are impossible elsewhere.

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